Assuming you see the importance of not running your daily-work with administrative rights, it is still quite inconvenient to accomplish this under Windows XP/2000/2003. There are currently several crude ways to this.

When using windows explorer to start executables, a context menu item “Run as” can be used to start under a different user context. This menu entry can also be found in the windows start menu. So this is still a quite simple way. Unfortunately the trick does not work for starting MSI packages. Therefore you need to setup some registry hack first. It is getting even worse, when you want to change system settings that are not only related to a single user on the machine. E.g. adding or removing software, configuring IIS or other tasks normally being reached via windows control panel and the management console. In this case it is inevitable to jump to the keyboard and fire up command prompt with “runas.exe” or log off windows and switch to you r administrative account.

It is quite plain so why people fall back to working with full privileged rights on their machines, when they need to do the above several times a day.

Wouldn’t is be nice to centralize all those activities at one single place? You only start one application, enter admin credentials and from that time on, all tools launched from that app run under administrative rights. So this is in short what the “AdminToolsLauncher” does:


Note: This tool is limited to run only on Windows XP / 2000 / Server 2003.

Download installer (store and rename filename by removing “.jpg” at the end of the name).
Download sources (store and rename filename by removing “.jpg” at the end of the name).


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