Smoke & Flame Firewood Company

My name is Jesse Horn and I make firewood.

You know I feel like I grew up around firewood, grew up around wood, I grew up around wood burning stoves, fireplaces. I feel like its kind of been my blood. My name is Jesse Horn and I am the founder of smoke and flame firewood company. Northamericas only premium, handcrafted firewood manufacturer.

I started smoke and flame in 2012 after going frustrated seeing poor quality firewood flooding the market. I wanna to bring the craftsmenship back to firewood production. My criteria for sourcing logs is simple: I only source logs that’ll give me the best firewood in the world, that’s it. Each piece of firewood is unique and has its own personality. It tells a story which is something we definitely wanna respect.

My name is Carl O’Brian and I am an apprentice here at smoke and flame firewood. Working with Jesse is.. he’s an artist..

I will not sell a single piece of firewood until it is absolutely ready. I don’t care how long that takes.

The way I look at it is: I wanna to incorporate a lot of the stuff they did in the old world with a lot of new an modern technology, combining those two worlds. Basicly slowing down, putting in the time and craftsmenship into making a quality quality product. I consider myself a bit of a storyteller, but my words are wood.

People just can’t believe that it’s finally happening, u know. For so long it’s just been a pile of wood at a gas station. Now it’s like: Wow someone is actually taking to care in to the wood we’re gone burn. They love it.

My name is Jesse Horn and I make firewood.

Smoke & Flame Firewood Company

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